How Long After Extraction Can You Get in Implant?

How Long After Extraction Can You Get in Implant?

August 1, 2023

If you must have a tooth extracted because of severe decay or periodontal disease, you might want to replace it at the earliest. A missing tooth affects not just your aesthetic appearance but also your mouth functionality for biting and chewing. Missing teeth are also a source of humiliation and frustration.

Do you know how long you must wait until you can get a dental implant to replace the missing tooth after an extraction? Dental implants are the best replacement solution for missing teeth. Therefore if you desire to replace the missing tooth with dental implants after tooth extraction, it helps to discuss the procedure with the dentist performing the extraction.

Mouth Healing Essential

Tooth extraction procedures are severe oral surgery. If you plan to get dental implants near you after removing a tooth, you must wait ten weeks after the procedure for tooth extraction for dental implant placement. The waiting time allows your mouth to heal from the extraction surgery.

However, exceptions always exist. For example, you can often have dental implants placed by the Tigard dentist soon after removing the tooth. Whether you must wait for mouth healing or can have dental implants placed by the dentist immediately after tooth extraction depends on various factors, including your overall health, infections existing in your mouth, and the position of the tooth.

It is practically impossible for you to ascertain your candidature for same-day dental implants or whether you must wait for the typical ten weeks before you can undergo dental implant surgery. However, a comprehensive exam and evaluation by the dentist in Tigard can help confirm which treatment option best suits your unique needs.

Are Dental Implants Worth Waiting?

Many Tigard patients discover they must wait for a month before dental implant placement and wonder whether implants are worth waiting for. However, the dentist near you in Tigard is an expert in implant placement who thinks dental implants are the optimal solution for substituting missing teeth for many reasons, including:

  • Unlike dentures or bridges, dental implants last for a lifetime and do not require replacements over time.
  • In addition, dental implants are successful in over 95 percent of patients, indicating that most recipients of this tooth replacement solution will have the titanium post successfully integrate with their jawbone.
  • Dental implants mimic the natural tooth root to stimulate your jawbone and help with jawbone growth.
  • Your jawbone starts deteriorating when you lose a tooth or have it extracted. Dental implants help prevent jawbone resorption or deterioration, which occurs by 25 percent annually if you miss a tooth.
  • The implants placed in the jawbone provide a stable foundation for a custom-designed porcelain dental crown to restore your smile.
  • Finally, you can eat the favorite foods you miss when you have dental implants as replacements for your missing tooth. You can forget about the concerns of the implant moving, slipping, sliding, or breaking.

If you are a Tigard resident and have received a suggestion from the local dentist to have a tooth extracted for the reasons mentioned earlier or suspect a tooth needs removal, it helps if you discuss getting dental implants with the Tigard dental professional.

The dentist will perform a comprehensive evaluation and provide information about whether you need to get the tooth removed and how quickly you can have dental implants placed in the edentulous void giving you the details for your tailor-made treatment plan.

Despite being the best replacement for missing teeth, dental implants are only suitable for some. For example, patients with existing periodontal disease, systemic health conditions like diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, and immunosuppressive conditions are ineligible for dental implants because their health status delays the healing and integration of the implant with their jawbone. In addition, smokers are also ineligible candidates for dental implants because tobacco use encourages periodontal disease to cause implant failure. Therefore if you intend to replace your extracted tooth with the best available solution, you must plan for the treatment by consulting with the dental office near you to learn whether the void in your mouth can be closed soon after tooth extraction. Unfortunately, if the dental office suggests waiting for two months or more, consider the waiting time worth getting dental implants a lifetime replacement option for your missing tooth.

If you are contemplating getting immediate dental implants after tooth extraction, discuss the procedure with Inspire Dental to assess your eligibility for the treatment. Consulting the dental practice will help you prepare to get dental implants soon after extraction to prevent the embarrassment and frustration of missing teeth.

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